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New NodeXL Network Server (v1.0.1.126) – Frequently Asked Questions

NodeXL Network Server Frequently Asked Questions The NodeXL team has released a new version (v. with better support for collecting data from social media network sources, starting with Twitter.  The NodeXL Network Server program now ships in every NodeXL installation.  Tony, the lead developer on the team, created the following FAQ to explain how to [...]
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Request a NodeXL Social Media Network Map

Hello!  If you would like to request a custom social media network map made with NodeXL, complete the form below.  I will generate the maps as requests come in and email you a pointer to the results which I will post to my flickr feed here: Loading… Here is a sample map for the [...]
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NodeXL Image in NewScientist: Paper trail: Inside the stem cell wars

The June 9 issue of New Scientist contains an article featuring a map of scientific citation that was generated by NodeXL. The article about the patterns of citation and the time to publication for US and non-US based scientists contains a map of which papers and authors cite which other papers and authors. From New [...]
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