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Dive into advanced social network analysis with Node XL


Node XL is a Social Network Analysis Tool which plugs-in to Microsoft Excel and you can transform data from platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Reddit, Flickr, Wikipedia and more, into insightful visualizations.

NodeXL enables users to directly import, analyze and visualize data at the click of a button.  

There are two versions of NodeXL. NodeXL basic is free whilst NodeXL Pro is a paid version and offers a full scale social network and content analysis of network data that includes the calculation of advanced metrics, layouts and task automation. You can browse the features table of the two versions here. 

Whether you’re a student, researcher, or professional, NodeXL offers tools for deep social network analysis. Explore connections, identify influencers, and reveal hidden patterns.



If you are a Brandwatch, Talkwalker, Meltwater or TweetBinder user you can easily import your data into NodeXL Pro (a paid version of NodeXL) and visualize network data to gain a competitive edge in your field.

Get a FREE sample report. Upload your data here:

Webinar on Social Network Analysis with NodeXL Pro + Insights

In this webinar, sociologist and founder of NodeXL, Dr. Marc Smith discusses how NodeXL simplifies social media data analysis by mapping relationships and identifying influential users through automated network metrics. 

Learn how NodeXL captures interactions such as replies and retweets, creating visual networks that highlight key individuals and discussion clusters. 

Register now and transform your approach to social network analysis. 


NodeXL Basic and NodeXL Pro are add-ins for Microsoft® Excel® (2013, 2016, 2019, 365) that support social network and content analysis. 

NodeXL Basic is available freely and openly to all.  It is positioned as a browser for files created with NodeXL Pro which offers advanced features for professional social network and content analysis.  Have a look at the features below.


NodeXL has a lot to offer. Compare features of NodeXL Basic and NodeXL Pro.


Follow this link if you run into any issues regarding the installation of NodeXL.


Get started on your own networks. Find books, videos and online tutorials for NodeXL Pro.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions around NodeXL like how to automate it and more.

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