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NodeXL Basic

NodeXL Pro

Network Visualization

  • Visualize your own network graph
  • Choose from various layout algorithms
  • Set the color, shape, size, label, and opacity of vertices and edges

Social Network Analysis

  • Calculate overall network metrics (Density/Modularity/etc.)
  • Calculate basic vertex metrics (Degree/Indegree/Outdegree)
  • Group vertices by cluster or attributes

Advanced Network Metrics


  • Betweenness Centrality
  • Closeness Centrality
  • Eigenvector Centrality
  • PageRank and more

Text Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis with customized word lists
  • Count words and word pairs

Content Analysis

  • Time Series Analysis
  • Top Items: Words/Word pairs/URLs/Hashtags

Social Network APIs

  • X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Reddit, Flickr, Wikipedia
  • 3rd Party Graph Data Importers

Data Import

  • Import GraphML, Pajek, UCINet, and matrix formats

Data Export


Task Automation

  • Automate all tasks above for a full scale analysis.

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