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Book: Flier and Cover Art – Analyzing social media networks with NodeXL: Insights from a connected world

The production team at Morgan-Kaufmann have created a cover and a flier for the forthcoming book:

2010 – June – NodeXL Book Flyer.

Written and edited by Derek Hansen, Ben Shneiderman and Marc Smith, the book contains contributed chapters on sample social media systems:
[Chapter 10]: Twitter: Conversation, Entertainment and Information, All in One Network!

By Vladimir Barash and Scott Golder

[Chapter 11]: Visualizing and Interpreting Facebook Networks

By Bernie Hogan

[Chapter 12]: WWW Hyperlink Networks

By Robert Ackland

[Chapter 13]: Flickr: Linking People, Photos, and Tags

By Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues and Natasa Milic-Frayling

[Chapter 14]: YouTube: Contrasting Patterns of Interaction and Prominence

By Dana Rotman and Jennifer Golbeck

[Chapter 15]: Wiki Networks: Networks of Creativity and Collaboration

By Howard T Welser, Patrick Underwood, Dan Cosley, Derek Hansen, and Laura Black

This handy poster contains many details about the book contributors, chapters, and the book cover (which you can also see below):

2010 - Book - Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL Cover

Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World

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