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On this page you will find several NodeXL Pro Tutorials. Check this page for updates as we will add new tutorials regularly. Feel free to contact us with suggestions for improvements or requests for tutorials on specialized topics.

How to Automate NodeXL Pro

This tutorial shows you how to use the most powerful feature of NodeXL Pro: Automation. The automation feature allows you to run all steps of a social network and content analysis with a single click: Data preparation, cluster analysis, metrics calculation, time series analysis, top content analysis, visualization and data export. Download as pdf file or watch this video.

Social network and content analysis with X (formerly Twitter) network data – step by step

This tutorial shows you how you can run a full social network and content analysis with NodeXL Pro. While we will use X (formerly Twitter) network data as an example, this approach can be applied to any network dataset of your choice (content analysis depends on the available metadata). Download as pdf file.

Working with X (formerly Twitter) User lists

Twitter User lists are a very helpful tool to manage the diverse information streams on Twitter. This tutorial shows you how to work with Twitter User lists using the NodeXL Pro X (formerly Twitter Search Network 3.0 data importer. Click here.

CSPAN list Congress

Analyzing YouTube User Networks

This tutorial shows you how to analyze YouTube User Networks. The networks are based on comments and replies which are posted by users in the comments section below a video. With the NodeXL Pro YouTube User network importer you can analyze user networks around a single video or multiple videos.

YouTube User Network Map - climate change example

Wikipedia article-article networks

This tutorial shows the steps that are required to generate a Wikipedia Article- to Article network by using NodeXL Pro’s “From MediaWiki Page Network” importer.

Flickr related tag networks

This tutorial describes the steps needed to generate a network composed of Tags on Flickr photos and their connections to Tags that co-occur on photos using NodeXL Pro’s Flickr Related Tags Network importer.

Semantic Networks – Create networks with words, hashtags or video tags

This tutorial shows you how to create a semantic network by using the text analysis feature of NodeXL Pro which can be applied to any column that contains text in the edges or vertices spreadsheets of a NodeXL workbook. Click here.

Nancy Pelosi Word Network

Semantic networks from qualitative interview transcripts

This tutorial shows how to generate semantic networks from qualitative interview transcript files using NodeXL Pro. Click here.

Visualize your NodeXL data in Graphistry using Python

In this tutorial, we will review how to connect a NodeXL Workbook (Twitter) to the Graphistry tool. We will take the NodeXL Workbook from the NodeXL Gallery to connect it with Graphistry and visualize the network in this tool. For this, we will use Python code.

Redes Semánticas con NodeXL (en español)

Este tutorial muestra los pasos para generar una red semántica mediante el uso de la función de análisis de texto de NodeXL Pro, que se puede aplicar a cualquier columna que contenga texto en las hojas de cálculo de un libro de trabajo NodeXL. (pdf)

Redes semánticas con NodeXL Pro a partir de transcripciones de entrevistas cualitativas (en español)

Este tutorial muestra cómo generar redes semánticas a partir de archivos de transcripciones de entrevistas cualitativas mediante la herramienta de NodeXL Pro. (pdf)

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