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Introducing: The Brandwatch Data Importer for NodeXL Pro

The NodeXL Pro Brandwatch Data Importer can create X (Twitter) networks from data sets that were collected via Brandwatch.  This commercial service provides access to X (Twitter) data along with other platform data sources. Brandwatch customers can download their data sets as Excel or CSV files and easily conduct a social network and content analysis in NodeXL Pro.

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Getting Started:

To open the NodeXL Pro Brandwatch Data Importer, select Excel > NodeXL > Data > Import> From Brandwatch (beta)…

NodeXL Pro Data Import Menu
NodeXL Pro Brandwatch Data Importer

Data Import:

Click on the “Browse” button to open your file explorer. Find a Brandwatch Excel file of interest on your machine and click OK.  Note that one data set may consist of several files with 10k rows each. You need to select all of these files at once.

NodeXL will then parse the tweets for connections between users and create a network data set. This step may take a few minutes.

Data Analysis:

Learn about the key feature “Task Automation” to easily perform a social network and content analysis with just a few clicks:

NodeXL Pro Workbook Report
NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report - Talkwalker data
NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report


Brandwatch data sets provide metadata about each user who is actively tweeting like the user’s self-description, the location and the profile image.  But the resulting network in NodeXL will contain users who are mentioned in tweets, but who are not tweeting themselves. The metadata from those users is not available. As a result the network map will contain a mix of images and colored disks.

Export to NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS:

You can also easily turn your network data set into a NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS Report via Excel > NodeXL Pro > Data > Export > to NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS…

NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS is a Microsoft Power BI report template that creates interactive and shareable network reports from NodeXL Pro data sets. A NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report makes use of many different data visualizations – from simple tables to hashtag clouds, from image grids to scatter plots. Easily pivot around all social media dimensions: Tweets, users, groups, hashtags, media, sentiment, space and time.

Start exploring the world of NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS in the interactive sample report below:

Do you like what you are seeing? Request a free INSIGHTS report made from your data!

Simply send your Talkwalker Excel or CSV file to

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