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Automate NodeXL Pro > Automate your WhatsApp network analysis!

The following NodeXL Pro “data recipe” is designed to analyze WhatsApp user network data from group chats with just a few clicks.  This file contain all options settings needed to automate the tasks required to create a full-scale social network analysis. Learn more about the NodeXL Pro WhatsApp data importer here.

You can easily customize this data recipes to your own needs and save them for future use. You can learn how to automate NodeXL Pro by reading this pagelooking at this tutorial and/or watching this video.

Download the official NodeXL Pro recipe bundle below, then unzip and save the folder to your machine.  The file name of a data recipe corresponds with the names of the recipes presented below.

WhatsApp user network

WhatsApp User Network

This recipe is designed for network data imported with the WhatsApp Users Network importer.  All relevant steps to conduct a full-scale social network analysis are performed. User images are not available.

Vertex: WhatsApp User
Consecutive comment
Vertex size:
 Betweenness centrality
Group clustering algorithm: Clauset-Newman-Moore
Group labels: Top 10 most frequently used words
Layout algorithm: Harel-Koren Fast Multiscale
Box layout algorithm: Group-in-a-Box, Treemap

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