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Unlock the Power of Social Networks with NodeXL Pro Data Importers

Welcome to the official hub of NodeXL Importers! As the leading tool for intuitive and insightful social network analysis, NodeXL seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Excel to make network exploration accessible and effective. Catering to both academics and businesses, our range of specialized importers is designed to tap into the vast world of online social media platforms.

Why Choose NodeXL Importers?

  1. Diverse Range of Platforms: From X (formerly Twitter) to YouTube, access vast datasets found within top social media platforms effortlessly.
  2. Continuous Updates: We are committed to providing you with the latest importers that are in sync with evolving social media APIs.
  3. User-Friendly Experience: Say goodbye to coding or complex procedures. Import, visualize, and analyze — all within the familiar environment of Excel.
NodeXL Workbook Overview

Our Active Importers List:

Below you find a list of currently active NodeXL Pro data importers. You can access these importers in the NodeXL Excel ribbon via NodeXL Pro > Data > Import.

Twitter Networks

  • Twitter Search Network 3.0 (beta) Importer: Dive deep into Twitter data, capturing trends, and patterns like never before.
  • Brandwatch Importer: Harness the power of Brandwatch Twitter analytics directly in your network explorations.
  • Talkwalker Importer: Incorporate Talkwalker’s insights to map the Twitterverse efficiently.
  • Tweet Binder Importer: A novel approach to understanding Twitter metrics and networks.

Flickr Networks

  • Flickr Related Tags Networks Importer: Discover connections between tags and visualize the photography landscape.
  • Flickr User’s Networks Importer: Understand the intricate user relationships within the Flickr community.

Wikipedia Networks

  • MediaWiki Page Networks Importer: Explore the vast interconnected world of Wikipedia pages, and unlock patterns within content clusters.

Reddit Networks

  • Reddit Search Network (beta) Importer: Navigate the expansive Reddit cosmos, from trending topics to niche communities.

YouTube Networks

  • YouTube Channel’s Network Importer: Get insights into channel interrelations and their impact on viewers.
  • YouTube User Network Importer: Decipher user dynamics and content preferences within the YouTube platform.
  • YouTube Video Network Importer: Investigate the connections between videos, from collaborations to content themes.
List of NodeXL Pro data importers
NodeXL Pro Data Import Menu

Get Started with NodeXL Today!

Whether you’re an academic researcher diving into the intricate world of online interactions or a business aiming to unravel the vast web of social connections relevant to your brand, NodeXL with its diverse importers is your go-to solution. Experience the power of network analysis tailored to your needs.

Feedback and Support: We continuously strive to enhance our tools. Should you have feedback or require assistance, contact our support team.

NodeXL Pro Quick Start Guide

Twitter Data Recipes

Create a complete social network and content analysis with the NodeXL Pro Twitter network importers. Click here for NodeXL Pro Twitter Data Recipes that can be used to automate your analysis of Twitter network data.

YouTube Video Network

YouTube Data Recipes

Create user network and video network analyses with the NodeXL Pro Youtube network importer. Click here for Youtube data recipes that can be used to automate your analysis of YouTube network data.

Wikipedia Page Network Graph

Wikipedia Data Recipes

Create Wikipedia article network as well as user network analyses with the NodeXL Pro MediaWiki network importer. Click here for Wikipedia data recipes that can be used to automate your analysis of Wikipedia network data.

Flickr Data Recipes

Create user network and tag network analyses with the NodeXL Pro Flickr network importers. Click here for Flickr data recipes that can be used to automate your analysis of flickr network data.

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