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The Instagram Data Importer for NodeXL Pro

Instagram is a popular social media platform where users share photos and videos, enabling them to connect with friends, family, and broader audiences through visual content. On Instagram, networks are formed primarily through user interactions such as following other accounts, liking, commenting on posts, and sharing content via Stories or direct messages.

These actions create a web of connections that can be analyzed to reveal patterns like which accounts serve as hubs (highly connected nodes), how clusters of users form around common interests, and how information spreads across the network. Understanding these dynamics can help users identify influential profiles, track engagement trends, and strategize their content to enhance visibility and impact within the Instagram ecosystem.

The NodeXL Pro Instagram Data Importer was released with NodeXL Pro Version (2024-04-04) and is currently running in Beta version.

Please report any issues back to us.

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Besides a NodeXL Pro user license, the only requirement is having an Instagram user account which is needed to download the data.

Note that gathering Instagram data involves scraping information through your own account. This process is subject to Instagram’s terms of service, which generally discourage automated data collection. Engaging in such activities can pose risks, including the potential for your account to be placed under review or even suspended by Instagram. We urge you to consider these risks carefully and ensure compliance with all applicable platform guidelines to avoid any disruptions to your account. Always prioritize ethical practices and legal standards in your data collection efforts.

Our tests have shown that established accounts can easily collect a lot of data while newly registered accounts are more likely to be placed under review.


Instagram search currently allows the collection of only 30 posts per hashtag. Tests have shown that you can collect at least 500 posts from any specific public account.

Getting started:

Select NodeXL > Data > Import > …From Instagram Network (Beta)

NodeXL Pro Instagram Data Importer
  1. In the current version of the importer you can collect either posts around a hashtag (include the # in your query) or download the most recent posts by a specific user (do not include the @). In both cases the downloaded data will include the comments on the collected posts.
  2. Limit the number of posts and comments to be collected.
  3. Click OK.

Edge creation:

There are four types of network edges: Posted, Commented, Replied to, Tagged

  1. Post: A self-loop is created for every post. Self-loop means that the same user is shown in columns Vertex 1 and Vertex 2.
  2. MentionsInPost: A user is mentioned in a post. The post author is Vertex 1, the mentioned user is Vertex 2.
  3. Comments: A user comments on post. The comment author is Vertex 1, the post author is Vertex 2.
  4. MentionsInComment: A user mentions another user in a post. The comment author is Vertex 1, the mentioned user is Vertex 2.
  5. Tagged: The post author tags another user in a post.

Expert tip:

Learn about Task automation and use one of the the data recipes to generate a network report and map: “Instagram User Network.NodeXLOptions”

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