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Facebook Fellowships for Doctoral Students

Facebook recently announced its fellowship program for graduate students pursuing a PhD. Winners will receive tuition, fees, and a stipend for the 2010-2011 academic year. Anyone interested in applying should move quickly, as the deadlines are quite tight in order…

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Measuring Diversity on Facebook

My colleagues on the Facebook Data Team recently posted the results of a study about the diversity of the Facebook user base. Using surnames from users in the United States and comparing the rates at which those surnames occur in…

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Social Networks in the News at NYT

My colleague Scott Sargent at Telligent notes that there are two sections of the March 29th Sunday New York Times feature articles illustrated with network graphs.  The Business section runs an article "Is Facebook Growing Up Too Fast?" ( and…

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Maintained Relationships on Facebook

This past week the Economist published a piece entitled Primates On Facebook that described some research done by the Facebook Data Team. Unfortunately, the article did not include any of the data visualizations, so we thought we would take the…

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Facebook social network visualizations

Here is a good example of an application of Bernie Hogan's Facebook edgelist extractor. Alan Shussman used it on his own Facebook account and generated the following image: Alan used the NetworkX tool and python to build this image of…

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