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X / Twitter Networks analyzed with NodeXL Pro

X (previously known as Twitter) is a microblogging platform with a complex ecosystem of interactions, relationships, and conversations. With NodeXL, get deep insights and uncover the intricate connections formed with every post (tweet).

X / Twitter networks emerge when users engage in activities like:

  • Mentions: When a user cites another in their post (tweet), they create a link.
  • Replies: Direct interactions with a post (tweet) form a bond between the  author of the reply and the original poster.
  • Retweets (repost): Amplifying another user’s content creates yet another type of connection.

These actions collectively craft the vast web of X / Twitter network connections.  When analyzed, these collections of connections illuminate patterns, influence hierarchies, and relationships.

Read more: This report published with Pew Research serves as an invaluable resource, describing the 6 key network patterns found in the X / Twitter platform’s ecosystem.

NodeXL Pro Workbook View

How to get X / Twitter network data?

1. The NodeXL Pro X / Twitter Data Importer:

2. Commercial Data Provider Importers: NodeXL Pro is able to import datasets from leading commercial social media data providers. Convert your data into CSV or Excel, and watch NodeXL extract networks and build insights with just a few clicks.

Coming Soon: Additional commercial sources like Metricool, SproutSocial and Sprinklr are scheduled for release this fall.

Visually dive deep into X / Twitter data

Use the NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS rich data visualization dashboard experience to explore and explain your findings.  NodeXL workbooks from X / Twitter networks can seamlessly be exported to NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS. Harnessing the power of Microsoft Power BI, NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS is a web based interactive dashboard for your data.  Dissect and display NodeXL network data with unparalleled clarity and detail.

Embark on a journey of discovery, analysis, and visualization of the vast social media seas with NodeXL. Catering to researchers, marketers, and the innately curious, our advanced toolkit offers unmatched insights into X / Twitter’s on-going evolution.

NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report - Talkwalker data

Get Started with NodeXL Today!

Whether you’re an academic researcher diving into the intricate world of online interactions or a business aiming to unravel the vast web of social connections relevant to your brand, NodeXL with its diverse importers is your go-to solution. Experience the power of network analysis tailored to your needs.

Feedback and Support: We continuously strive to enhance our tools. Should you have feedback or require assistance, contact our support team.

NodeXL Pro Quick Start Guide

Twitter Data Recipes

Create a complete social network and content analysis with the NodeXL Pro Twitter network importers. Click here for NodeXL Pro Twitter Data Recipes that can be used to automate your analysis of Twitter network data.

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