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NodeXL is a versatile social network analysis (SNA) and visualization tool which is designed as an Add-on to Microsoft Excel.

NodeXL is split in two versions – Pro and Basic.  Both versions are used in many universities around the world for network research and education.

While NodeXL Basic is intended as a browser for files created in NodeXL Pro, it contains all the features needed to analyze and visualize a network data set. NodeXL Basic also allows for the manual authoring of networks by typing into the familiar Excel spreadsheet.

Screenshot of NodeXL Basic

NodeXL Basic Features

Network Visualization

Visualize your own network graph
Choose from various layout algorithms
Set the color, shape, size, label, and opacity of vertices and edges

Social Network Analysis

Calculate basic vertex metrics (Degree/Indegree/Outdegree)
Group vertices by cluster or attributes

Content Analysis

Text Analysis (words and word pair count)
Sentiment Analysis

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