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FAQ: On how many machines can I run one NodeXL Pro license?

You may run NodeXL Pro on any number of machines, but only one at a time. The NodeXL Pro License Key file we send to you must be placed on any machine you would like to use to run NodeXL Pro.

Place the NodeXL Pro License Key file anywhere on the target machine’s file system. When NodeXL Pro opens, it will ask you to locate this License Key file.  This will then authorize the use of NodeXL Pro on that machine.

When a machine is authorized for NodeXL Pro all other machines that are running NodeXL Pro are de-authorized.  NodeXL Pro will not operate on these machines until one of them is re-authorized. To re-authorize a machine, copy the ORIGINAL license file (the one attached to the license email) to the target machine.  

DO NOT use the license file from any other machine. When a license file is authorized, the copy of the license file is imprinted with machine specific data that prevents it from running on any other machine.Only the original license file can (re-)authorize a machine.

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