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NodeXL – FAQ – Data handling: How are Self-Loops managed in NodeXL?

A self-loop is created when a vertex links to itself. Self-loops appear as circles in NodeXL network visualizations. The display of self-loops can be controlled via the “Visibility” column in the Edges worksheet. To reveal the “Visibility” column select the menu item:

NodeXL Pro>Show/Hide>Workbook Columns>Visual Properties

In the Edges worksheet, each edge has a “Visibility” column. In the “Visibility” column you can place a formula that checks if Vertex1 = Vertex2.  The Excel formula is:

=IF([@[Vertex 1]]=[@[Vertex 2]],0,1) 

If there is a self-loop, the formula places a “0” (Zero) in the cell.  If not, the formula places a “1”. “0” (Zero) stands for “Skip” which acts as if the data has been deleted.

Then Refresh the graph and the self -loops should no longer be displayed!

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