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NodeXL Graph for SOTU
Featured NodeXL Network:
2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference
View an interactive version of this graph (experimental)
The 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference generated many tweets and created a large topic network. The @ntenorg account was the most prominent, with @nonprofitorgs, @kanter, and @janemeseck following. Take a look at #15NTC network graphs in the NodeXL Graph Gallery.
NodeXL Updates
Featured NodeXL Tweet
Featured NodeXL Tweet
New feature in NodeXL
Edge Creation Based on Shared Content Similarity
You can have NodeXL create an edge based on the similarity of the content used by two vertices. Download the latest NodeXL Excel Template to explore new connections in your network.


Featured NodeXL Video
UNO social media lab analyzes trends, topics
Featured Video
The social media lab at the University of Nebraska-Omaha is using NodeXL to track and analyze what kind of impact social media can have in the topics of discussions that impact all of us.


Featured NodeXL Slide Deck
Leverage NodeXL for Visualization of Social Network Data
Check out how Dr. Dempwolf from the School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation at University of Maryland uses NodeXL for social network analysis on innovation and economic development.


Featured NodeXL Highlight
NodeXL Social Network Importer
Import your own Facebook graph, or the network of connections in Fan Pages and Groups with the updated Social Network Importer for NodeXL!


Featured NodeXL Publication
Interactive Network Exploration to Derive Insights: Filtering, Clustering, Grouping, and Simplification

Author: Ben Shneiderman, and Cody Dunne from the University of Maryland.

Featured Publication

Abstract: The growing importance of network analysis has increased attention on interactive exploration to derive insights and support personal, business, legal, scientific, or national security decisions. Since networks are often complex and cluttered, strategies for effective filtering, clustering, grouping, and simplification are helpful in finding key nodes and links, surprising clusters, important groups, or meaningful patterns. We describe readability metrics and strategies that have been implemented in NodeXL, our free and open source network analysis tool, and show examples from our research. While filtering, clustering, and grouping have been used in many tools, we present several advances on these techniques. We also discuss our recent work on motif simplification, in which common patterns are replaced with compact and meaningful glyphs, thereby improving readability.


New NodeXL Book in Progress
A completely new volume is in the works collecting chapters on network research using NodeXL. We continue to seek chapter submissions: have a class, article, or research process you want to share, consider writing a chapter for the next NodeXL book!
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NodeXL Hands-on at the MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference) at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. March 17-19, 2015
Big Data Workshop and NodeXL SNA Talk at Predictive Analysis World Conference in San Francisco. March 30, 2015
NodeXL talk at the University of Tennessee Business Analytics Forum April 20, 2015
Hospitality Technology's Hotel Technology Forum in Puerto Rico. April 22, 2015
Innovation Enterprise's Data Visualization Summit in San Jose. April 28, 2015
Innovation Enterprise's Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Summit in San Francisco. April 29, 2015
LSU: NodeXL social media networks talk at the Telling Stories and Using Visuals for Coastal Environmental Communication workshop. May 1st, 2015
Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit in New York City. June 1, 2015
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