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NodeXL Pro - October 12, 2015 
NodeXL Pro adds powerful social media and network analysis features

NodeXL Pro adds advanced features for powerful, easy, automatic network and content analysis to the NodeXL Basic application. With NodeXL Pro you can quickly import from a range of social media network data sources, automatically generate advanced network and content analysis reports, and publish or email the results with just a few clicks.

NodeXL Pro is licensed to users on an annual basis:

Registration keys will be required to run NodeXL Pro starting on October 12, 2015!

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NodeXL Updates 
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New Feature for NodeXL Pro coming in November

Sentiment Analysis

“Sentiment” for 
NodeXL Pro will release in November

This text analysis feature allows users to:

  • Categorize content in text annotated networks.
  • Create or use custom lists of words and phrases.
  • Count words from each list for each edge, vertex, group and network.
  • Measure the sentiment of your content.

You can add this feature to NodeXL Basic by upgrading to NodeXL Pro - register today!


NodeXL in the News 
How to Use Network Maps to
Understand a Crowd

by Asher Novek
NodeXL in the News

Who is participating? What kinds of communities have formed? How can community be expanded, shaped, and grown? This article describes how NodeXL social media network maps reveal the landscape of social media discussions.

Read now

Featured Academic Collaborator 
Seven Layers of Social Media Analytics

             Featured Academic Collaborator

NodeXL is featured in this new book -- Seven Layers of Social Media Analytics: Mining Business Insights from Social Media Text, Actions, Networks, Hyperlinks, Apps, Search Engine, and Location Data by Dr. Gohar F. Khan.  Chapter 4 uses NodeXL to analyze social media networks, teaching readers how to identify influential nodes and their position in a discussion network.

Learn more

Featured NodeXL Publication 
An Organization’s Virtual Reality - Organizational Analysis through the Prism of Electronic Correspondence

Featured publicationEugene Kalayev, an M.A. student from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem uses NodeXL to analyze email communications in organizations.


Email is emerging as a primary medium for intra-organizational communications. With the growth in frequency of email usage and in the linkage between email and work-related processes, understanding the dynamics of email activity is becoming increasingly valuable for organizational research and practice. The current study employs social network analysis of intra-organizational email interactions in tandem with a grounded theory methodology in order to present a case study of a small organization through the prism of its internal electronic correspondence. A combined analysis of qualitative and quantitative data offers several insights pertinent to the role of email in organizational life as experienced by employees and managers. The study also illustrates some potential benefits and limitations of email traffic monitoring.

Read the paper 

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NodeXL Book: "Think Link"
New NodeXL Book in Progress

A completely new volume is in the works collecting chapters on network research using NodeXL. We continue to seek chapter submissions: have a classarticle, or research process you want to share, consider writing a chapter for the next NodeXL book!

Recent & Upcoming NodeXL Events 
Conferences and Workshops
  • October 1st, SocialBakers in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Thursday, October 1at 6:00pm in UTC+02
  • Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, Palachovo náměstí, učebna číslo 200
  • Přednáška sociologa Marca Smithe o social network analysis a jejím využítí při mapování politického diskursu na sociálních sítích. Přednáška bude anglicky.
  • October 31, DISC2015 in Daegu, South Korea

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