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NodeXL Graph for SOTU
Featured NodeXL Network: State of the Union
View an interactive version of this graph (experimental)
The 2015 State of the Union address attracted many tweets and created a large topic network. In this network the @barackobama account was the most prominent, with @whitehouse, @joniernst, and @kingsleyyy following. Take a look at these SOTU network graphs on the NodeXL Graph Gallery.
NodeXL Updates
New in NodeXL: Upgraded NodeXL Facebook Importer
Import your own Facebook graph, or the network of connections in Fan Pages and Groups with the updated Social Network Importer for NodeXL.
New NodeXL Book in Progress
A new volume is in the works collecting chapters on network research using NodeXL. We continue to seek chapter submissions: have a class, article, or research process you want to share, consider writing a chapter for the next NodeXL book!
Featured NodeXL Video:
Mapping and Measuring Connections | The Next Web
Marc Smith, director of the Social Media Research Foundation, presented a talk about mapping social media networks at TheNextWeb 2014 in Amsterdam. In this talk he shares the vision of the Social Media Research Foundation, showing how people can use NodeXL to map the the landscape of social media.
Marc in TNW
More NodeXL YouTube Videos
Featured NodeXL Slide Deck:
Korean manual for NodeXL Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Youtube, Wikis
There is a growing worldwide NodeXL user community! Here is a NodeXL tutorial for Korean users published by Professor Han Woo Park from YeungNam University, in South Korea.
Featured NodeXL Podcast:
What does your hashtag look like?
Lee Rainie from Pew Internet Research talks about their report Mapping Twitter Topic Networks: From Polarized Crowds to Community Clusters and how its findings can be used to better understand and grow online communities.
NodeXL in the University
Jana Diesner, assistant professor at the iSchool at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her lab are using ConText in combination with NodeXL to build and analyze social and semantic networks based on structured and unstructured data from public and social media data sources. Diesner’s team has leveraged a combination of network analysis and text mining to study the social impact of public interest media, especially issue-focused documentaries. In collaboration with makers and funders of such information products, they have developed, tested and evaluated a computational solution to impact assessment that is grounded in social science theories. Their work addresses the following questions: How can we capture the social impact of storytelling in a comprehensive, rigorous and efficient fashion? How can we design for social change motivated by issue-focused public media? For more information about this research, please see these publications.
Featured NodeXL Publication:
Computational Impact Assessment of Social Justice Documentaries
This paper is written by Jana Diesner, Jinseok Kim (both from the iSchool at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Susie Pak (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St. John’s University). They have been using ConText and NodeXL as part of their computational solution to evaluate the impact of social justice documentaries in an empirical and scalable fashion. This paper details the theoretical foundation for this research, which integrates impact indicators on the cognitive, behavioral and attitudinal level. Using the example of “The House I Live In”, a 2012 documentary directed by Eugene Jarecki about the War on Drugs, the paper also provides a case study to illustrate their approach. This work is supported by the JustFilms division at the Ford Foundation. Learn More
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Social Media Analysis Course in University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus (City) at Melbourne, Australia. February 9-13, 2015
NodeXL Hands-on in the MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference) at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. March 17-19, 2015
Big Data Workshop and NodeXL SNA Talk in Predictive Analysis World Conference in San Francisco. March 30, 2015
Innovation Enterprise's Data Visualization Summit in San Jose. April 28, 2015
Hospitality Technology's Hotel Technology Forum in Puerto Rico. April 22, 2015
Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit in New York City. June 1, 2015
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