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NodeXL Featured Network: [Network name]
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Above is the graph representing a network of ### Twitter users whose tweets contained “[Network Name]“, or who were replied to or mentioned in those tweets, collected during … Learn more

NodeXL Updates


Upcoming NodeXL Feature: Upgraded NodeXL Facebook Importer

Import your own Facebook graph, or the network of connections in Fan Pages and Groups with the updated Social Network Importer for NodeXL!
Featured NodeXL Video:
Mapping and Measuring Connections | The Next Web
by Marc Smith

Marc Smith, the director of the Social Media Research Foundation, presented a talk about mapping social media networks at TheNextWeb 2014 in Amsterdam.
Marc in TNW

More NodeXL YouTube Videos
Featured NodeXL Slide Deck:
Korean manual for NodeXL FB, Flickr, Twitter, Youtube, Wiki
by Han Woo PARK

Please check this NodeXL tutorial for Korean users published by Professor Han Woo PARK in YeungNam University, South Korea.
NodeXL in the University
Dr. Jana Diesner, Associate Professor at the iSchool of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is using NodeXL in her lab accompanied with ConText to collect, analyze and combine data from social media like Facebook and twitter and different news media to find the connection between different kinds of users and a specific theme or target in order to assess the impact of a particular Social Problem addressed in a movie or book. They try to find the number of followers of an account and their engagement in different posts to discover if the account was successful enough in engaging the society and raising the awareness of people about a specific issue. NodeXL is used to visualize and determine the number of the followers and followees in twitter and also to find and visualize the connection between different comments and the users’ interaction in different threads in Facebook.
Featured NodeXL Publication:



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Social Media Analysis Course in University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus (City) at Melbourne, Australia. February 9-13, 2015

NodeXL Hands-on in the MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference) at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. March 17-19, 2015

Big Data Workshop and NodeXL SNA Talk in Predictive Analysis World Conference in San Francisco. March 30, 2015

Innovation Enterprise’s Data Visualization Summit in San Jose. April 28, 2015

Hospitality Technology’s Hotel Technology Forum in Puerto Rico. April 22, 2015

Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit in New York City. June 1, 2015

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