Facebook Analytics with NodeXL Pro

Facebook Network Data

NodeXL Pro provides several options to import and analyze network data from Facebook fan pages and groups using the public and free Facebook API.  There are two basic options to choose from in the import menu:

  1. Facebook User Networks
  2. Facebook Post Network

The only major limit of the public free Facebook is time. You can get as much historical data from fan pages and groups as you like, but download speed of the data is limited.

Please note that the download of network data from large fan pages can easily max out your system memory if you do not limit the number of reactions, likes and shares when setting up the data importer.

1. Facebook User Networks

The Facebook user networks look a lot like the Twitter networks, yet they use a different data setup. Edges between two users can be created from comments, shares and reactions.

You can also choose to create edges between users who reacted to, commented to or shared the same post.  This feature allows to identify different target groups engaging in interactions on commercial fan pages.

2. Facebook Post Networks

The Facebook Post Networks provide a different view on a fan page or group.  In this case the posts are regarded as vertices and an edge is created between posts which have the same commenter, reactor and/or sharer.