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Problem:  How to measure and compare social media?

Marketing consultants leading content strategy development need to perform content audits of their client’s and market competitor’s online media presence.  The consultants need to collect comparable datasets from various social media platforms and summarize the contents for further evaluation.  And they also need a reliable tool that can automate all the steps of this time-consuming process.  Clients need easy access to key insights into their own and their competitors’ social media networks.


Approach: Use networks to get social media insights

The NodeXL Pro Excel-plugin imports social media network datasets from a client’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account (among a range of other data sources).  These datasets are automatically analyzed and visualized using social network, content, sentiment and time series analysis.  The result is an overview of all the important aspects of a social media content collection.  NodeXL Pro produces a detailed content summary along with a social network map that reveals the key groups, people, and top content related to a search term.  A network view of social media reveals the clusters, groups, and neighborhoods present in content streams, highlighting the most frequent hashtags, URLs, words and word pairs embedded in messages in each area of the conversation.  Even deeper understanding into the data can be gained by browsing the detailed spreadsheets containing network and content information in the context of the familiar Microsoft Office Excel™ spreadsheet.

Solution: Apply network insights to improve your social media strategy

Using NodeXL Pro, consultants can analyze past and current client and competitor content strategies and apply the results to their own content development process.  Network insights provide ways to measure the structure as well as the volume of activity in social media.  Network metrics are powerful KPIs that guide better outcomes.  Social media performance can be improved by applying network methods and insights.  Content can be created for different market segments identified by social network cluster analysis. Network analysis can identify the most central influencers for any topic, guiding scare relationship resources to the most central voices.  Network insights can better target specialized marketing campaigns and recommend adjustments in content, timing and frequency of posts and tweets.

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