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Commercial User License

Network insights provide valuable information for companies across all industries.  NodeXL Pro helps to analyze and map networks of your choice using social network and content analysis in the familiar context of the Microsoft Office Excel™ (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or 365).  Monitor your own and your competitors’ online social media networks with just a few clicks.

You can choose between a 12-month user license and a monthly subscription.  Have a look at the features below:




Network Visualization

  • Visualize your own network graph
  • Choose from various layout algorithms
  • Set the color, shape, size, label, and opacity of vertices and edges

Visualize your own networks to your own specifications.

Social Network Analysis

  • Calculate overall network metrics (Density/Modularity/etc.)
  • Calculate basic vertex metrics (Degree/Indegree/Outdegree)
  • Calculate advanced vertex metrics (Betweenness/Closeness/ Eigenvector/PageRank/etc.)
  • Group vertices by cluster or attributes

By performing social network analysis (SNA) you can detect communities and identify influencers.

Content Analysis

  • Text Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Top Items: Words/Word pairs/URLs/Hashtags

Content analysis features allow in depth analysis of all contents embedded in posts, tweets, etc.

Social Media Data

  • YouTube, Reddit, Flickr, Wikipedia
  • 3rd Party Graph Data Importers

Easily import social media network datasets.

Data Import/Export

  • Import and export GraphML, Pajek, UCINet, and matrix formats

Import and export your NodeXL network datasets.


Make your NodeXL Pro maps and reports available to the public.

Task Automation

  • Automate data collection, social network and content analysis, visualisation and publication

Save a lot of time by automating all tasks.

Tech Support

  • Our staff provides advanced tech support for all commercial license holders. Feel free to contact us anytime.


  • The Social Media Research Foundation provides one FREE consulting hour with every 12-month commercial user license.  We can get you up-to-date on new NodeXL software features and network analysis techniques.


$79/month   or   $799/year

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