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    I am using “Twitter Users Network Importer” and I am trying to generate the network of “follows” relations of a set of usernames. I am curious what exactly the option “Limit friends and followers to: X” serves to, when I choose “Basic network plus friends”.

    – Is it the maximum number of followers that the app samples from the followers of each specified users? (e.g. Say I am checking @XYZ who has 5M followers, and if I limit to 5000, then it will return a random sample of 5000 followers of @XYZ. OR is it going to look at a random sample of 5000 followers and followings of @XYZ?)

    – Is there an upper limit to this?

    – To put the question more generally, when I choose “Basic network plus friends”, how does Node XL generate “follows” relations? Does it send of query to the list of followers of each users or to the list of following of each user, or both?

    – When I choose “Import only the Twitter users I am interested in”, does Node XL limits to its queries only to the list of usernames I provide? In other words, when it is chose, does Node XL query only whether any two specified users follow each other or not, OR does it query the whole list of followers node 1, and checks whether node 2 is in the list or not?

    I have searched all over but could not find a satisfying/precise answer to my questions.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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