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    Hello! since it’s the third time i end up on this problem i guess it’s about time to get closer to you and to what the popup message asks ^^
    Here is the problem i’m having with nodeXL, I’m wondering if it’s caused by my computer or not? (i’m with a laptop who’s not very very strong…)

    [OutOfMemoryException]: Se produjo una excepción de tipo ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’.

    en Smrf.NodeXL.Adapters.GraphAdapterBase.LoadGraphFromFile(String filename)

    en Smrf.NodeXL.ExcelTemplate.PlugInManager.TryGetGraphFromGraphDataProvider(Object graphDataProvider, IGraph& graph)

    en Smrf.NodeXL.ExcelTemplate.ThisWorkbook.ImportFromGraphDataProvider(Object graphDataProvider)

    Harald Meier

    If this message shows up, you have reached the limits of your machine. Please take a look at the system requirements here:


    I am having this exact same error, and I have the required system requirements.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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