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    I have a list of 250 twitter users and I would like to create the internal network based on the relationship follower/followee. I am not interested in tweets and retweets, so I have used the following options:

    1. Import from Twitter Users Network
    2. Inserted the usernames list
    3. Import “Basic network plus friends and followers”
    4. Ticked “Import only the Twitter users I’m interested in”
    4. Limit to 1 recent tweets per user
    5. Deleted the tick on “limit friends and followers to”

    I was wondering if point 5. is really necessary to be sure that Nodexl fills the internal network. If I limit friends and followers, can I be sure that all the edges are taken in consideration? In other words, if 2 or 3 users have 50.000 followers and I use the option to limit friends and followers to 2000, would it still find all the edges between users part of the list?

    Much obliged if someone knows the answer, as it could really speed things up.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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