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Marc Smith

“OutOfMemoryException” – What does that mean?

If this message shows up, you have reached the memory storage limits of your machine.

How large a network can NodeXL handle?

NodeXL can manage different numbers of edges based on the available computer system resources. The following are rough estimates:

4 GB of RAM: SMALL networks only less than a few thousand edges
8 GB of RAM: MEDIUM networks of less than 10-15 thousand edges
16GB of RAM: LARGE networks of less than 80-100 thousand edges
32 GB of RAM: VERY LARGE networks of less than 200 thousand edges

How to deal with a VERY LARGE NETWORK?

Network analysis can require large amounts of computing resources or require long periods of time to perform (or both!).

Reducing the number of metrics calculated is one way to speed up analysis of a very large network.

If you do not plan on using all the different types of “centrality” metrics, you may just want to skip creating them. To do this, modify the metrics selected in the NodeXL>Analysis>Graph Metrics dialog.

In many cases network data sets can be reduced in useful ways that retain many important features and insights.

In many networks it can be possible to count and then remove all “isolate” vertices (nodes with zero connections).

All “singleton” or “pendant” vertices can also be counted and removed (these are vertices with just one connection to the network).

All duplicated edges can be removed. Optionally, duplicate edges can be counted and removed and the count added to the remaining edge as a weight representing the number of removed edges.

To perform this operation, see: NodeXL>Data>Prepare Data> Count and Merge Duplicate Edges:

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