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Marc Smith

NodeXL is adapting to the changes in the Facebook API.

The latest version of NodeXL Pro was updated to work with the previous Facebook API update. In that release we added a Facebook Fan Page importer for users who are the Administrator of their Page. This importer continues to deliver the same data as previous. However, if you are not the Admin of a page, you must use the non-Admin importer which no longer delivers the names of the authors of comments, any reaction details, or time stamps. The resulting data is useful for content analysis but lacks much in the way of “network” data since the data needed to create meaningful edges have been removed.

More recently, the Facebook API has changed again and the “Search” feature that allowed users to discover Facebook Fan Pages of interest has been removed.

Facebook has deprecated the Search API as of 4 of April…/facebook-api-platform-pr…/

The bad news is that you may no longer “Search” for a Page using the NodeXL Pro Facebook Fan Page Importer.

The good news is that you may perform this search in a web browser and transfer each Page ID# to the search box to select your desired page.

More good news! There is now a new importer for the connections between Facebook Fan Pages.

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