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Marc Smith

Thank you for the interest in NodeXL.

Facebook’s API no longer enables access to the personal friends list.

Facebook Pages and Groups are accessible to a limited extent.

You may import network data from Facebook using the:

NodeXL Pro> Data> Import>Import from Facebook Page

NodeXL Pro> Data> Import>Import from Facebook Group


The recent changes to the Facebook API have broken some of the features of the NodeXL Facebook importers

We are investigating and will release an updated version of the importers soon. It is not yet clear how much of previous functionality will be retained depending on what remains of the key API calls.

It looks like the Fan Pages are more affected than the Groups importer.

The Fan Page importer looks like it no longer providers userIDs or reactions.

Many of the “edges” NodeXL extracted from Facebook were based on these data elements. These edges will no longer be available due to the Facebook changes in the API.

We are exploring ways of expanding on the existing Facebook Fan Page to Fan Page network collector – which still looks like it is available.

Facebook is a commercial property and is not obliged to provide *an* data if it does not want to.

That said, these recent changes to reduce data access reduce the credibility and desirability of Facebook as a platform for many kinds of users.

I predict that a Premium Facebook “product” will soon emerge to sell back the data that we all contributed to Facebook for free.

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