What are the limits of the Facebook data importers?

On September 4th, 2019 Facebook scheduled the removal of more of the API. It is likely that several parts of the NodeXL Facebook importers will now fail. Our team has requested permission to these API calls and have been rejected. We are applying again just to see if we can get a different outcome. We do not really expect that there will be a change. Thus, the NodeXL Facebook Fan Page Importer is now likely no longer functional. If we can not restore access to the Facebook API we will remove the option from the application in an upcoming update. We regret the loss of this important data source for our users. We note that it is increasingly important to independently understand the nature of social media and Facebooks decision to restrict access to public data is an obstacle to this goal.

The use of NodeXL Pro Facebook data importers requires a Facebook account.

If you are the Admin of a Facebook Fan Page, you can analyze all comments, likes and shares based on individual users. If you are not the Admin of a Fan Page you need to use the Facebook Fan Page Importer, but then the user data is annonymized, which will result in a scattered network.

With the Facebook Fan Page Importer you can also download posts, comments and replies to create Post-Comment-Like network treemaps. You can get as much content from fan pages as you like, yet the data download may take quite a while as the download stops and resumes.

The Facebook Fan Pages Importer allows you to explore Page-likes-Page networks up to a 3.0 network for one Fan Page or a list of Fan Pages.

Please note that the download of network data from large fan pages can easily max out your system memory if you do not limit the number of reactions, likes and shares when setting up the data importer.

NOTE: Currently, the Facebook Group Network Importer is not working.