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Social media roles: patterns of behavior over time

Participants in social media are not all the same.  People who contribute to social media come in "flavors" that are created by each participant's patterns of activity and connection.  In the post "Distinguishing social network attributes of online social roles…

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(Excel) .NetMap: Social Networking tools for Office 2007

Excel lacked a directed graph chart.  Now it has one.   (Excel) .NetMap (version .57) is NOW ON CODEPLEX:   Over 2,000 downloads to date! (See:  (Excel) .NetMap is an Add-in that Tony Capone is building that provides…

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Social Media and Scientific Collaboration

I saw an article posted to Slashdot yesterday about how scientists are using Web 2.0 tools to facilitate collaboration. The original piece, published in Scientific American, offers some food for thought around these parts. The article is pretty basic, but…

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