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May 28th, 2010 – Workshop: Government Applications of Social Media Networks and Communities, University of Maryland, Human Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) The HCIL Government Applications of Social Media Networks & Communities Workshop, as part of the 27th Annual Human Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) Symposium, at the University of Maryland, examined how social media can be systematically applied to increase civic participation on national priorities. When: Friday, May 28, 2010, 9:30am-4:00pm Where: CSIC Building, UMD, College Park Who: Government thought [...]
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Boardtracker adds AuthorLine visualizations to threaded discussion search service

Boardtracker is a search engine and reporting service for threaded discussions.  Recently, the BoardTracker folks implemented a visualization of author activity overtime that was inspired by work Fernanda Viegas and I did in 2003/2004 called “AuthorLines”. AuthorLine visualizations represent the weekly rates and nature of contribution from a single author over the span of a [...]
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