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My friend, colleague and teacher Peter Kollock

I share the loss of Peter Kollock with the many people who knew him.  Peter died Saturday after a motorcycle accident near his home. Many people in the social sciences and beyond have been influenced by Peter's works of scholarship,…

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Social Media Roles: spammers and flamers

Answer people and discussion people are critical to many social media spaces.  Many hosts of communities want to attract and retain them.  When these types of participants contribute to a social media space the results can be very positive: questions…

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Social media roles: patterns of behavior over time

Participants in social media are not all the same.  People who contribute to social media come in "flavors" that are created by each participant's patterns of activity and connection.  In the post "Distinguishing social network attributes of online social roles…

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Conference: INTERACT 2009

CALL FOR PAPERS INTERACT 2009 – Research and Practice The twelfth IFIP conference on Human-Computer Interaction 24 – 28 August 2009 in Uppsala, Sweden Conference website: Paper submission site: ------------------------------------- CALL FOR PAPERS ------------------------------------- The theme of the…

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