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Upcoming NodeXL events Q4-2018

Upcoming NodeXL Events Interested in hosting a NodeXL event? Contact us for details! Join us for talks and workshops on networks, social networks, social media networks, and more. October 31, 2018: San Francisco Open Data Science Conference: Charting Collections of Connections in Social…

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Research Project: Mapping Political Networks

Politicians from around the world are using Twitter accounts for direct communication with the public. They share opinions, tweet to hashtags and connect to other accounts when retweeting and replying. The resulting communication patterns can be made visible with the…

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Complete NodeXL Release History

Complete NodeXL Release History + (2021-09-15) NodeXL Pro: Fixed Twitter User Importer missing Retweet edges Added missing columns for Twitter User Importer Fixed a problem with contacting the authentication server and it was displaying an error stating that "You have…

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