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News & updates from the Social Media Research Foundation - 1 - 2019

Featured NodeXL Network
New MediaWiki network maps integrated in NodeXL Pro

Wikimap Social Network Analysis

The NodeXL Pro MediaWiki Network importer has been updated to include the text and an image to represent each page. Collections of interlinked Wiki pages form a kind of concept network that can reveal interesting associations and unexpected connections.  Any page on a publicly accessible MediaWiki is accessible using this importer.

The above network map is a 1.5 level
Article-Article network of the Wikipedia page for 
Social Network Analysis

Labels are generated by the Words and Word Pairs analysis of frequently used text in clusters of wiki pages.

You can download the NodeXL Options File used to create the map at the bottom of this page in NodeXL Graph Gallery.

New: NodeXL Pro Tutorials

Team NodeXL led by Harald Meier has created set of
NodeXL Pro Tutorials
for you - all downloadable as pdf files on our new Tutorial website.

Social network and content analysis with
Twitter network data – step by step

This tutorial shows you how you can run a full social network and content analysis with NodeXL Pro. While we will use Twitter network data as an example, this approach can be applied to any network dataset of your choice (content analysis depends on the available metadata).

How to Automate NodeXL Pro:
The automation feature in NodeXL Pro allows you to run all steps of a social network and content analysis with a single click: Data preparation, cluster analysis, metrics calculation, time series analysis, top content analysis, visualization and data export.

Facebook Page Like Networks:
Learn to create networks based on Facebook Fan Page Likes using NodeXL Pro. Explore the surrounding networks of one or multiple fan pages by crawling up to 3 network levels with the NodeXL Pro Fan Pages Network importer.

Facebook Post Networks:
This tutorial shows you how to download, analyze and visualize posts, comments and replies from Facebook Fan Pages with the NodeXL Pro Fan Page Network importer.

Featured NodeXL Tweets

Featured Tweet 2019-01A


Featured Tweet 2019-01B

Featured NodeXL Publications

NodeXL Network Map SOcrates

Harris Cline, D. (2019): “The Social Network of Socrates .”
CHS Research Bulletin 7, 2019:


Wilson, A. (2017): Representing connections: how visualizations shape understandings of networks. Visual Methodologies, 5(1), 67-79.

Many more publications that make use of NodeXL can be found here

Your NodeXL publications can be presented in our future 
Social Media Research Foundation newsletters.
Please contact us with details about your paper!

New NodeXL Pro Corporate Cloud Edition

NodeXL Pro Cloud Edition

Team NodeXL has recently added a new way to access NodeXL - 
NodeXL Pro Cloud Commercial User edition.

This is our first offering of a monthly NodeXL Pro license combined with the computer, operating system, and Office suite preloaded and installed - ready to use from almost any connected device with a web browser. 

Any connected tablet, phone, Mac, Linux, or even underpowered Windows PC can now access NodeXL Pro via a powerful remote virtual machine that is fully preconfigured and ready to roll powered by our partners at Intact.Digital.    

Academic and student users can "roll your own" version of NodeXL Pro Cloud Edition by creating an Amazon EC2 Virtual Machine and copying Office and NodeXL into it. 

Detailed step-by-step directions are available here:

Know how to automate NodeXL?

NodeXL is the easiest way to get insights into a connected structure.  If you can make a pie chart you can now make a network chart.  Learn more about the ways NodeXL Pro can automate your network analysis to generate reports and insights with just a few clicks.  See the video!


Automate NodeXL Pro

Upcoming NodeXL Events

Interested in hosting a NodeXL event? 
Contact us for details!

Join us for talks and workshops on networks, social networks, social media networks, and more.

Request a NodeXL talk at your next event! 

Networks are a topic of interest in many
universities, organizations, agencies and businesses.

Learn how to “Think Link” and
gain insights into connected structures.

Request a talk, lecture, workshop, or training series
to help your organization “Think Link”.

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Commercial Users can License NodeXL Pro by the Month

NodeXL Pro can now be licensed by the month as well as by the year.  
Get started with NodeXL Pro for just $79 per month.

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