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News & updates from the Social Media Research Foundation - December 2023

A year of change for social media
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Happy Holidays from the NodeXL Team!

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2023 has been a year of change in social media. "Twitter" turned to "X" and led to migrations of users to many alternative social media platforms. Users are shifting to messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and NodeXL added a new importer to map WhatsApp chat networksWe added an importer for RedditNodeXL has also adapted to these changes with new importers for commercial data providers like Brandwatch, TalkWalker, TweetBinder, and Meltwater.  NodeXL Pro also added a web scraper to restore access to the X platform.  Our next feature, Import from CSV, will allow the many archives of Tweets found on the web to be converted to networks and analyzed in NodeXL.

At the same time data platforms are increasingly restricting access to data: Reddit and YouTube have both limited their APIs, restricting data volumes and details.

Counter trends, like new AI methods using LLMs are showing great promise as web scrapers to gather data more easily from platforms that lack APIs.

In the coming year, NodeXL will gain access to Telegram chats, Spotify networks, scholarly publication networks, survey networks and more!  NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS dashboards will be updated in 2024 to support all the new data sources. 

Let us know what social media platforms matter to you most in 2024!

NodeXL papers and publications on the rise!

NodeXL has now been cited nearly 12,000 times in Google Scholar and an additional 656 new papers were published mentioning NodeXL in 2023 alone.

Featured NodeXL Publications

Investigating How School Counselors Using #scchat on Twitter Advocate for Marginalized Student Populations: A Social Network Analysis
by Adrianne Robertson

Democracy on Social Media: The Analysis of the New Criminal Code Ratification Polemic on Twitter
by Ratih Anbarini, Aceng Abdullah and Nuryah Asri Sjafirah

Social Network Analysis Techniques Using NodeXL for Analyzing Disinformation Related to QAnon
by Wasim Ahmed and Marc Smith

Exploring inter-hospital emergency patient referral network
by Dilek Gönçer Demiral and Üstün Özen

Exploring the diffusion of digital fashion and influencers' social roles in the Metaverse: an analysis of Twitter hashtag networks
by HaeJung Maria Kim and Swagata Chakraborty

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Your NodeXL publications can be presented in our future Social Media Research Foundation newsletters. Please contact us with details about your papers and publications!

Network instructors gather online

On Tuesday, December 12th, the NodeXL Network Instructors Symposium gathered a group of teachers and researchers working with NodeXL.  Our Chief Data Scientist, Harald Meier, spoke about the year in review and upcoming features in NodeXL.

Dozens of researchers and instructors from around the world attended the event.

Prof. Itai Himelboim discussed his use of NodeXL in classes he teaches at the University of Georgia, Department of Communications.

Dr. Veronica Espinoza spoke about her many years of teaching with NodeXL, calling out challenges and successes with her students.

Prof. Alessandro Zonin spoke about his work with the related SocioViz web based network analysis platform for social media.

Recently released! New FREE NodeXL Book:

Connect to Networks with NodeXL

Coming soon: NodeXL Imports Survey Networks for Organizational Network Analysis

"Org charts" are familiar diagrams that represent the management structure of large organizations and businesses.  Org charts represent the hierarchy of the organization, mapping who works for whom. 

Network charts are a kind of "Org chart 2.0", a way to map who works with whom.

By including horizontal as well as vertical connections, a network organization chart is a powerful way to visualize the real structure.  Cliques, clusters, bridges, and overlooked centers of institutional knowledge are often revealed with these maps.

Working with Professor Patrick Biddix at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, we have developed a new feature for NodeXL: Import from Survey Responses. Implemented by talented developer Bruce McPherson, this feature now allows for the rapid creation of "Org Chart 2.0" via a simple use of Google Forms and a new transformer that converts question responses into network connections.

NodeXL Events
NodeXL Week Long Winter School, January 15-19, 2024

January 15 - January 19, 2024: NodeXL Academy Event Week long Winter School - intensive NodeXL and social network training

Enero 25, 2024

#AhoraNODEXLhablaEspañol - Conoce cómo funciona NODEXL plataforma de análisis semántico de redes sociales e informes en pocos clics.

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NodeXL Pro Data Recipes

Team NodeXL has updated the data recipes for multiple platforms: X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, Reddit and WhatsApp. Download the latest recipe bundle from this page and learn about NodeXL Task Automation - the most powerful feature of NodeXL Pro.

NodeXL Pro Tutorials

Learn advanced features of NodeXL Pro with these step-by-step tutorials:

Visualize your NodeXL data in Graphistry using Python

Wikipedia Article-Article Networks

Flickr related tag networks

Analyzing YouTube User Networks

How to Automate NodeXL Pro (pdf file) (video)

Social network and content analysis with Twitter network data – step by step

Semantic Networks – Create networks with words, hashtags or video tags

En español: Redes Semánticas con NodeXL

En español: Redes semánticas con NodeXL Pro a partir de transcripciones de entrevistas cualitativa

Featured NodeXL Videos

NodeXL Pro Quick Start Guide

The Official NodeXL Book

Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: 
Insights from a Connected World (2nd edition)

We proudly present the second edition of our book Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World. The book has been published by Elsevier (available since June 19th, 2019).  This edition updates many of the changes in the NodeXL application since the publication of the first edition (in 2010!).  Learn how to use Automation, Time Series, Word and Word Pair analysis, and how to collect data from Wikis, Twitter, and YouTube!

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