Gain INSIGHTS into X (formerly Twitter) data with just a few clicks with NodeXL Pro!

News & updates from the Social Media Research Foundation - September  - 2023

New: NodeXL Pro Importers for X (formerly Twitter)

Changes in the platform formerly known as Twitter have required new ways to access posts (formerly Tweets) from "X".  NodeXL Pro now offers four new ways to access post data sets from X. Commercial data providers continue to offer access to X data, and NodeXL Pro now imports data from Tweet Binder, Brandwatch, and Talkwalker. In addition, a new web scraper search importer is available in all active copies of NodeXL Pro (check the import menu!). We also released a Reddit importer.  Coming this Fall, new NodeXL Pro data importers for WhatsApp and Telegram. What social media data sources do you want to access?  Let us know!

TweetBinder offers affordable access to message data from the X (formerly Twitter) platform.  They offer single data sets as well as monthly subscriptions.

Brandwatch, a division of Cision, is a marketing services platform with wide reach.  Brandwatch can export spreadsheets with messages (formerly Tweets) that can then be analyzed as a social media network using NodeXL Pro.

TalkWalker is a provider of social media data.  They provide access to multiple platforms including X (formerly Twitter) and can export data in a format that can be imported for social media network analysis.

There is a new way to import data from X (formerly Twitter) for NodeXL Pro! The new Import from X (formerly Twitter) Search Importer 3.0 is now available for all Student, Academic and Commercial Users of NodeXL Pro. Powered by web scraping, this importer offers a new powerful way to collect network data created in X with NodeXL Pro.

All current NodeXL Pro users will automatically update and gain access to the new option in the NodeXL > Data > Import menu. 

Publish to NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS dashbaords

Data from these four importers can be published using NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS via the Microsoft Power BI Service.  Power BI allows users of almost any connected device (Mac, Linux, Tablet, & more!) with a web browser to access an interactive, filterable, display of your data sets.

NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS simplifies the process of displaying NodeXL Pro data sets.  Interactive web dashboards make it easy to find and highlight insights into social media network data while expanding the range of devices that can be used to richly interact with them.  NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS reports highlight activity over time, the geographic distribution of participants, the most influential users, the sentiment of the tweets, and a quick way to create side by side comparisons of two different sub populations.

Reddit Importer for NodeXL Pro

Data from the popular social media platform Reddit can now be imported into NodeXL Pro.  Subreddits are focused on almost every imaginable topic or interest and contain discussions from contributors from all over the world.  Use NodeXL Pro to extract networks of reply from discussions in any Subreddit.

New NodeXL importers coming soon: WhatsApp, Telegram, and "generic"

New importers for social media data sources are coming soon for NodeXL Pro!  We will soon release importers that can access data from WhatsApp chat that you download, import from archives of Tweets on the web, and from the Telegram messenger.  Let us know from where you would like NodeXL to import social media data?


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