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Featured NodeXL Network

The featured network shows a snapshot of discussions around the Twitter search term Twitter API (research OR academic OR academics). Twitter has communicated an intent to make changes to the Twitter API data access policy and pricing.  These changes have not been clearly communicated and have been delayed multiple times.  However, the most recent news suggests dramatic changes and reduction in data access at the same time price for access is more than 400 times the initially proposed cost of USD$100 per month.  Recent news suggests monthly costs for limited access to Twitter data will run $42,000 per month. If correct, this policy change will remove almost all scholarly analysis of the Twitter platform. The NodeXL Graph Gallery report for discussions around can be found here and the corresponding NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report here.


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April 6, 2023: Brief introduction to NodeXL for Marketing (free!)


April 14, 2023: Brief Introduction to NodeXL for Researchers and Journalists (free!)


April 27, 2023: #AhoraNODEXLhablaEspañol - #6


May 12, 2023: Marketing with NodeXL - social media network analysis with a few clicks


May 17, 2023: NodeXL Arabic Language Introduction Event


June 16, 2023: Introduction to NodeXL for Researchers and Journalists


July 31- August 4, 2023: Week long Summer School - intensive NodeXL and social network training

NodeXL Week Long Winter School, January 16-20, 2023
NodeXL around the web

Our colleague Dr. Veronica Espinoza from the NodeXL project is a true network expert and has written many interesting articles about network analysis, tools and NodeXL. Check out this great article about NodeXL and its capabilties. Among many other tools, she has also recently explored GraphGPT which can create knowledge graphs from any text. Make sure to follow her on Medium and Twitter.

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Featured NodeXL Publications

How to Capture and Visualise Twitter Data Using NodeXL’s Group-in-a-Box Option
by Alan Shaw

Discourse about higher education on Twitter in early phases of COVID‑19: A crisis management social network analysis
by J. Patrick Biddix, Hyejin Park, Gresham D. Collom, Misty R. Bailey and Han Woo Park

Delivery structure of nationalism message on Twitter in the context of Indonesian netizens
by Dewi Kartika Sari, Wahyudi Kumorotomo & Novi Kurnia

A Scientometric Methodology Based on Co-Word Analysis in Gas Turbine Maintenance
by Ali Nekoonam, Reza Fatehi Nasab, Soheil Jafari, Theoklis Nikolaidis, Nader Ale Ebrahim and Seyed Alireza Miran Fashandi

International Youth Movements for Climate Change: The #FridaysForFuture Case on Twitter
by Graciela Padilla-Castillo and Jonattan Rodríguez-Hernández

The Cultivation Effect of Architectural Heritage YouTube Videos on Perceived Destination Image
by Lingxi Song, Rita Yi Man Li and Thitinant Wareewanich

Communication Network Analysis K-Pop Fans Through the WhatsApp Group Application
by Sinta Paramita and Kumi Laila

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NodeXL Pro Data Recipes

Team NodeXL has updated the data recipes for multiple platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr. Download the latest recipe bundle from this page and learn about NodeXL Task Automation - the most powerful feature of NodeXL Pro.

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Classes have mostly become virtual around the world, making a remote lectures even more attractive!  If you are teaching with NodeXL you may want to have a look at the Teaching Resources pages on the SMRFoundation website.

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NodeXL Pro Tutorials

Learn advanced features of NodeXL Pro with these step-by-step tutorials:

New: Wikipedia Article-Article Networks - Visit this page.

New: Flickr related tag networks - Visit this page.

How to download your Twitter follower data - Visit this page.

Analyzing YouTube User Networks - Visit this page.

Exploring YouTube Video Recommendation Networks - Visit this page.

How to Automate NodeXL Pro - Download as pdf file and watch this video.

Social network and content analysis with Twitter network data – step by step - Download as pdf file.

Working with Twitter User lists - Visit this page.

Semantic Networks – Create networks with words, hashtags or video tags - Visit this page.

En español: Redes Semánticas con NodeXL - Download as pdf file.

En español: Redes semánticas con NodeXL Pro a partir de transcripciones de entrevistas cualitativa - Download as pdf file.

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NodeXL Pro Quick Start Guide

The Official NodeXL Book

Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: 
Insights from a Connected World (2nd edition)

We proudly present the second edition of our book Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World. The book has been published by Elsevier (available since June 19th, 2019).  This edition updates many of the changes in the NodeXL application since the publication of the first edition (in 2010!).  Learn how to use Automation, Time Series, Word and Word Pair analysis, and how to collect data from Wikis, Twitter, and YouTube!

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