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Free Webinar: NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS - A new way to understand Twitter discussions

Join us for an hour long demo of NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS on November 17/18, 2021. We have prepared two sessions to cover American, European and Asian time zones:

Session 1 (America - Europe): 10 am - 11 am EST / 4 pm - 5 pm CET

Session 2 (America - Asia): 4 pm - 5 pm PST / 9 am - 10 am KST (Nov 18, 2021)

Request topics of interest to you prior to the event by emailing

NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS offers a powerful new way to present and understand Twitter network data created with NodeXL Pro. Check out this sample report (optimized for browsers Chrome and Edge). It is built on the Microsoft Power BI platform and is now available for Students, Academics and Commercial Users.

Featured NodeXL Network

On October 3rd, 2021, the, a global network of investigative journalists published their study of a collection of millions of documents from multiple firms related to offshore banking.  The Pandora Papers revealed large scale tax avoidance among the elite of many nations.

Have a look at the network report on discussion of the Pandora Papers in the NodeXL Graph Gallery and the corresponding NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report.  Quickly identify the key people, groups, locations, hashtags, and URLs associated with this topic.

Featured NodeXL Tweet
Featured NodeXL Publications

Nodexl Tool for Social Network Analysis

by Mowafaq Salem Alzboona, Emran Aljarrahb, Muhyeeddin Alqaralehc, and Saleh Ali Alomarid

A Social Media Analysis of the Hate Network Surrounding Lokman Slim’s Assassination

by Prof. Nasri Messara

Exploring nurses' online perspectives and social networks during a global pandemic COVID-19

by Lisa O'Leary, Sonja Erikainen, Laura-Maria Peltonen, Wasim Ahmed, Mike Thelwall and Siobhan O'Connor

Analysis of top influencers in critical care medicine “twitterverse” in the COVID-19 era: a descriptive study

by Ronny Munoz‑Acuna, Akiva Leibowitz, Margaret Hayes and Somnath Bose

Antivaccine Movement and COVID-19 Negationism: A Content Analysis of Spanish-Written Messages on Twitter

by Ivan Herrera-Peco, Beatriz Jiménez-Gómez, Carlos Santiago Romero Magdalena, Juan JoséDeudero, María García-Puente, Elvira Benítez De Gracia and Carlos Ruiz Núñez

Share your NodeXL Publications

Your NodeXL publications can be presented in our future Social Media Research Foundation newsletters. Please contact us with details about your papers and publications!

Need help with your NodeXL network map?

Contact us for a remote session to optimize your NodeXL network map(s) for your publication.

NodeXL Pro Data Recipes

Team NodeXL has updated the data recipes for multiple platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr. Download the latest recipe bundle from this page and learn about NodeXL Task Automation - the most powerful feature of NodeXL Pro.

Teaching with NodeXL?

Request a remote Q&A with a member of the NodeXL Team.

Classes have mostly become virtual around the world, making a remote lectures even more attractive!  If you are teaching with NodeXL you may want to have a look at the Teaching Resources pages on the SMRFoundation website.

You can also contact us at to schedule remote talks and Q&A sessions with virtual classes.

Upcoming NodeXL Events

Join us for talks and workshops on networks, social networks, social media networks, and more.  Instruction is now offered in English, Spanish and Korean

Big Data Analysis – October 25-27, 2021 with Dr. Ismail Fahmi, Dr. Catur Suratnoaji and Dr. Marc Smith (Indonesian event). Sign up here.

6th Daegu Creative City Global Forum– October 27, 2021: Keynote speech by Dr. Marc Smith.

GIJC21 – Global Investigative Journalism Conference – November 01-05, 2021: Networks, Clusters, Influencers – Social Network Analysis with NodeXL. Workshop on Nov 3, 2021 with Harald Meier.

NodeXL Academy – November 06, 2021:  [In Spanish]
#AhoraNODEXLhablaEspañol – #4 (3h) with Dr. Marc Smith, Prof. Hernán Gil, Dr. Verónica Espinoza y Marcos de Colsa and Vivian Francos via Zoom.

FREE NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS Webinar – Identify key people, groups, peak periods – November 17, 2021 with Harald Meier and Dr. Marc Smith via Zoom.

Session 1 (America – Europe): 10 am – 11 am EST / 4 pm – 5 pm CET

Session 2 (America – Asia): 4 pm – 5 pm PST / 9 am – 10 am KST (Nov 18, 2021)

NodeXL Academy – November 19, 2021: Workshop on Using NodeXL to Develop a Research Paper (4h) with Dr Wasim Ahmed and Dr. Marc Smith via Zoom.

Social Media Research Winter School – January 2022: Social networks & NodeXL Pro (3 days) presented by Team NodeXL via Zoom.

The students of the NodeXL Academy Winter School will learn the basics of social network analysis and become advanced NodeXL Pro users within just three days.

The NodeXL Team will provide many practical examples and interesting datasets. We also encourage the attendees to bring in their own research projects for further exploration. In addition, all attendees have the opportunity to discuss their projects in 1-on-1 sessions with a member of Team NodeXL.

On the last day of the event, the attendees are asked to share their new findings with the group in short presentations.

Day 1: Introduction to networks, social networks, and social media networks

Day 2: Intermediate network analysis – automation, YouTube, Wikis, and more

Day 3 : Student project presentations and discussion, Q-and-A

NodeXL Academy - January 14 (US) /15 (Korea) [In Korean]
Introduction to NodeXL in Korean

Request a NodeXL talk at your next event!

Networks are a topic of interest in many universities, organizations, agencies and businesses. Learn how to “Think Link” and gain insights into connected structures.
Request a talk, lecture, workshop, or training series to help your organization “Think Link”.

Featured NodeXL Videos

NodeXL Tutorial at DISC21

NodeXL Pro Quick Start Guide

The Official NodeXL Book

Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: 
Insights from a Connected World (2nd edition)

We proudly present the second edition of our book Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World. The book has been published by Elsevier is available since June 19th, 2019.  This edition updates many of the changes in the NodeXL application since the publication of the first edition (in 2010!).  Learn how to use Automation, Time Series, Word and Word Pair analysis, and how to collect data from Wikis, Twitter, and YouTube!

NodeXL Pro Tutorials

Learn advanced features of NodeXL Pro with these step-by-step tutorials:

New: Exploring YouTube Video Recommendation Networks - Visit this page.

How to Automate NodeXL Pro - Download as pdf file and watch this video.

Social network and content analysis with Twitter network data – step by step - Download as pdf file.

Working with Twitter User lists - Visit this page.

Semantic Networks – Create networks with words, hashtags or video tags - Visit this page.


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