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News & updates from the Social Media Research Foundation - 5 - 2019

Featured NodeXL Network

Tweets from the UK Parliament

Brexit or no Brexit? Deal or no deal? General Elections is the answer.

This map shows the recent Twitter network created by Members of the Fifty-seventh Parliament of the United Kingdom. Members of the Labour Party are marked in red, Conservatives in blue, Scottish Nationalists in yellow, Liberal Democrats in orange, Independent MPs in purple, and others in black. All vertices colored in silver are Twitter accounts which are not part of the Parliament, but were mentioned by the MPs.

Click here for the full network report in NodeXL Graph Gallery.

NodeXL Updates

NodeXL Pro Facebook Data Importers no longer functional

  On September 4th, 2019, Facebook has changed its API with the result that many research apps accessing public posts are no longer functional. The NodeXL Facebook data importers are also affected by this change.

Our team has requested permission to these API calls and have been rejected. We are applying again just to see if we can get a different outcome. We do not really expect that there will be a change.

If we can not restore access to the Facebook API we will remove the option from the application in an upcoming update.  We regret the loss of this important data source for our users.

We note that it is increasingly important to independently understand the nature of social media and Facebook’s decision to restrict access to public data is an obstacle to this goal.

Featured NodeXL Tweet

Tweet 2019-05

Featured NodeXL Publications

The Truth behind the Brexit Vote: Clearing away Illusion after Two Years of Confusion  by Sae Won Chung and Yongmin Kim

Risk Communication on Social Media during the Sewol Ferry Disaster by Minsun Song, Kyujin Jung, Jiyoung Ydun Kim and Han Woo Park

Quality of life and cognition in elderly: A systematic review by Manuela Lima Carvalho da Rocha, Celina Maria Colino Magalhaes, Edilson Coelho Sampai, Elson Ferreira Costa and Maély Ferreira Holanda Ramos

Design for quiet living: tracing the development of projects innoise-affected areas with software-based data analysis and visualization by Cristina Calleri, Louena Shtrepi, Alessandro Armando and Arianna Astolfi

Many more publications that make use of NodeXL can be found here.

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Upcoming NodeXL Events

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2nd Edition Published!
Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: 
Insights from a Connected World 

NodeXL book - 2nd edition

We proudly present the second edition of our book Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World. The book has been published by Elsevier is available since June 19th, 2019.  This edition updates many of the changes in the NodeXL application since the publication of the first edition (in 2010!).  Learn how to use Automation, Time Series, Word and Word Pair analysis, and how to collect data from Wikis, Twitter, and YouTube!

Contact to request a book discount code!

New NodeXL Pro Corporate Cloud Edition

NodeXL Pro Cloud Edition

Team NodeXL has recently added a new way to access NodeXL - 
NodeXL Pro Cloud Commercial User edition.

This is our first offering of a monthly NodeXL Pro license combined with the computer, operating system, and Office suite preloaded and installed - ready to use from almost any connected device with a web browser. 

Any connected tablet, phone, Mac, Linux, or even underpowered Windows PC can now access NodeXL Pro via a powerful remote virtual machine that is fully preconfigured and ready to roll powered by our partners at Intact.Digital.    

Academic and student users can "roll your own" version of NodeXL Pro Cloud Edition by creating an Amazon EC2 Virtual Machine and copying Office and NodeXL into it. 

Detailed step-by-step directions are available here:

Know how to automate NodeXL?

NodeXL is the easiest way to get insights into a connected structure.  If you can make a pie chart you can now make a network chart.  Learn more about the ways NodeXL Pro can automate your network analysis to generate reports and insights with just a few clicks.  See the video or take a look at the Tutorial on Automating NodeXL Pro!

Automate NodeXL Pro

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