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News and Updates from the Social Media Research Foundation - 2017 Issue 2

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Featured Network Blockchain

This month's featured network shows the NodeXL Twitter search network for "Blockchain" which remains one of the hottest topics in current Fintech discussions. Take a closer look at this report and discover top influencers, hashtags, URLs...

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 Featured Tweet 2017-2


Featured NodeXL Publication

Understanding the dynamics of online learning communities; experiences from three university course


Authors: Victoria Jae Chuang, Alejandro Ceballos, Helle Bundgaard, Peter Furu, Henrik Bregnhøj, Inez Harker-Schuch, Christian Bugge Henriksen

In: Læring & Medier (LOM) – nr. 16 - 2016

Abstract: Online learning communities are a foundational element of online and blended learning. Many learning activities in online and blended learning courses require students to collaborate and work together with their peers. In order for these learning activities to be successful it is important that participants are engaged socially and emotionally in their online interaction to create a sense of community and cohesion, corresponding to what constitutes Social Presence in the Community of Inquiry Framework model. As teachers, we therefore focus on creating learning designs that facilitate the development of online learning communities. In this article, we examine the development of online learning communities in online discussion forums. We map a selection of discussion threads from three university-level courses using the NodeXL software, and discuss the implications of e.g. structure, facilitation and group size on the online learning community that emerges. We find that the framework for participation in discussions (e.g. level of guidance and role of facilitators) affects the degree of connectivity within the online learning community and the prevalence of “social” posting, which has implications for strengthening the community and student-to-student support throughout the course.

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