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Professional Training in Networks – Applied NodeXL for Business

Professional Training in Networks Event

Event Overview

Join our interactive workshop to explore the transformative potential of network analysis in marketing and corporate communications. Harness the capabilities of NodeXL Pro and NodeXL INSIGHTS to unearth vital marketing and business intelligence. Dive into the heart of social media discussions and understand the landscape through the lens of social network analysis.

Why Attend

  • Identify Key Influencers: Pinpoint influential voices driving conversations and trends.
  • Segment and Analyze: Recognize distinct market segments and sub-groups with ease.
  • Content and Time Analysis: Get a comprehensive view of content distribution over time.
  • Diverse Data Sources: Analyze data from X (formerly Twitter), WhatsApp chats, and Reddit for a holistic view.
  • Geographic Insights: Visualize global discussions and zoom into regional variations.
  • Custom Requests: Tailor your experience by requesting specific topics of interest ahead of the event.

What will you Gain?

  •  Access to all sessions (video-recorded) so you can rewatch anytime.
  • NodeXL Pro for 60 Days: Get 60-day access to NodeXL Pro, 
  • One-to-one: Get a personalized meeting with our instructors.
  • Certification: Receive a certificate of attendance to showcase your new skills.
  • Support and Guidance: Benefit from 1-on-1 sessions and practical assistance throughout the event.

Event Details

  • Format: All sessions will be held online via Zoom. A meeting link will be shared 7 days prior.
  • Schedule: Starting at 9 PM EST, ending around 12:30 PM. Detailed timetable provided pre-event.
  • Pre-Event Preparation: Optional onboarding video for newcomers for a smooth start.

Cruise Liner Social Media Network on X

Below are insights for a Cruise Liner Social Media Network on X in the NodeXL Pro + Insights Report which is web-based and interactive.

Course Syllabus

This event will introduce the importance of social media analysis and provide an overview of NodeXL Pro for gaining insights into social media data. NodeXL provides easy access to social media network data streams, advanced network metrics, text and sentiment analysis, and powerful report generation with just a few clicks.

Gain insights into collections of annotated connections. Discover the key people leading each topic discussed in social media. Identify groups, factions, divisions and market segments in a discussion stream. Learn to “Think Link” and gain insights into collections of connections found in social media and beyond!

The need to gain insights into social media has grown in importance with the increasing popularity of social networking websites in particular and social computing in general. As people increasingly participate in online communities for social, commercial, and civic interaction, new methods are needed to study these phenomena.

The event will be led by Dr. Marc Smith from the Social Media Research Foundation along with Dr. Itai Himelboim from the University of Georgia, Grady School of Communication and Journalism.  They will demonstrate network methods for business insights.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the required theories and concepts of networks and social networks
  • Learn how to prepare your data for network analysis
  • Learn the basics of the NodeXL Pro application
  • Learn how to do automated analysis in NodeXL Pro
  • Learn to identify key people and groups on social networks
  • Learn how to run content analysis to create a vector of words, hashtags and URLs for each users, group, and population
  • To understand how to interpret the network metrics and shapes

Who Should Join?

This course is designed for a broad audience, including:

  • Academics and Researchers
  • Graduate Students
  • Research Support Staff
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Featured Instructors

  • Dr. Marc Smith: A leading expert from the Social Media Research Foundation.
  • Dr. Itai Himelboim: Renowned professor from the University of Georgia, Grady School of Communication and Journalism.

Learn More About Dr. Itai Himelboim and Marc Smith. 

Secure your spot today and transform the way you view social media conversations. Dive into the world of network analysis and emerge with actionable insights that can steer your marketing and communication strategies to new heights.

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