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NodeXL Pro now imports Talkwalker data

Exciting news for Talkwalker customers! Following the launch of NodeXL Pro version v.515+, we have expanded our capabilities even further. Now, users have the added advantage of importing their personal Talkwalker datasets directly into NodeXL Pro.

What’s New?

The newly-introduced NodeXL Pro Talkwalker Data Importer allows you to seamlessly create X (formerly known as Twitter) networks from datasets harvested via Talkwalker. This premium service not only offers access to extensive Twitter data. As a Talkwalker customer, you can now effortlessly download your datasets in either Excel or CSV formats, making social network and content analysis in NodeXL Pro smoother than ever.

How to Dive In?

  1. Kickstart the Process: Navigate your way to Excel > NodeXL > Data > Import> From Talkwalker (beta)…
  2. Easy Data Import: Click “Browse” to bring up your file explorer, select a Talkwalker Excel file you’re would like to analyze, and hit OK. NodeXL will systematically comb through all the posts (tweets), establishing connections between users to curate a comprehensive network dataset. Please be patient — precision takes a moment.
  3. Effortless Data Analysis: Want advanced analysis of your X (Twitter) dataset? With the “Task Automation” feature you can have NodeXL automate the creation of a social network and content analysis in just a few clicks.
  4. Upgrade to NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS: Why not put your data into motion? Transform your network dataset into a dynamic NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS Report by navigating to NodeXL Pro > Data > Export > to NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS…

The NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report, powered by Microsoft Power BI, offers a multifaceted look into your data. From easy-to-read tables and captivating hashtag clouds to intricate scatter plots and image grids, you’ll gain unparalleled insights. Discover patterns, trends, sentiments, and much more across diverse social media dimensions.

Experience INSIGHTS Now! We’ve prepared an interactive sample report for you to explore the world of NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS. Dive in and experience its capabilities firsthand.

NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report - Talkwalker data

Special Offer! Impressed by what you’ve seen? Let us offer you a taste of INSIGHTS crafted from your data. Send us your Talkwalker Excel or CSV file at, and we’ll craft a free INSIGHTS report exclusively for you that looks similar to this sample report.

NodeXL Pro can import from a wide range of social media data sources such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Flicker and Reddit. Take a look at the currently active NodeXL Data Importers.

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