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NodeXL Pro adds Reddit social media network data importer

NodeXL Pro adds Reddit importer

The NodeXL team has recently added a social media network data importer for Reddit.  All users of NodeXL should now find this importer in the importer menu via NodeXL Pro > Data > Import > Import from Reddit Search Network.

Reddit Importer setup

We see information that Reddit has 52 million daily active users and approximately 430 million users who use it once a month.  In contrast, we see reports that Twitter has 206 million daily active users and 396.5 million users overall.

Reddit data sets are very similar to Twitter in their wide range of topics, rapid message creation, large volumes of content and wide geographic coverage.  As we see changes at Twitter that are likely to cause migration of users to other platforms, we imagine that platforms like Reddit are likely to grow in importance. 

Reddit networks are also structurally very similar to Twitter conversations. Here are some sample networks extracted from Reddit subreddits. Below you see a network of 3,849 Reddit users whose recent posts contained “chatgpt”, or commented, or replied in comments. The search was conducted on all subreddits. The network is limited to a maximum of 1000 posts going backward in time. The network was obtained from Reddit on Thursday, 04 May 2023 at 14:45 UTC.

There is an edge for each created post, an edge for each comment in a post, an edge for each reply to a comment.

Reddit API limitations

The new NodeXL Pro Reddit importer comes with limitations. The maximum number of posts that can be downloaded directly is 250. These will be collected backwards in time.

We have also integrated an option to use the data service provided by Pushshift to receive larger data sets. But this service is currently unavailable, it may be back in the near future.

New! NodeXL imports Twitter data via Tweet Binder and Brandwatch

NodeXL Pro can now import Twitter data that was collected via the commercial data providers TweetBinder and Brandwatch.

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