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Twitter API closed – NodeXL responses….

The NodeXL team at the Social Media Research Foundation are saddened to learn that the Twitter API is no longer accessible for the public, including all NodeXL users.

We regret the interruption in access to Twitter for our many users, researchers, students, and scholars.

Unfortunately, this is likely due to Twitter turning off access to public users, including all NodeXL users.

Please see:

These alternative web scraper services may be the solution in the near term. We will be working to enable import into NodeXL for data collected from Twitter via these web scraper services: Octoparse,, OutWit Hub, Zyte, Parsehub.

Sadly, Twitter has cut off the research community intentionally in an effort to avoid scrutiny as they radicalize and propagandize the platform.

Please see:


The NodeXL team will soon release a Reddit importer as well as exploring alternative API based social media platforms.

We are happy to discuss the ways this will impact your use of NodeXL! Feel free to contact us at info AT smrfoundation DOT org.

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