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Twitter API Access Changes and Impacts for NodeXL

The recent changes at Twitter regarding API access will impact NodeXL users.

We do not know what the new pricing will be for access to Twitter data.

We do assume all users who want Twitter data will need to pay Twitter for that access.

Despite signalling a dramatic policy change to take place on February 9th, 2023, no clear pricing or data volume information has been communicated to developers. See:

And then this contradiction to the change in policy:

We hope that we can continue to enable users who do pay this fee to access Twitter data via NodeXL Pro.

NodeXL Pro already provides access to multiple social media platforms (YouTube, flickr, Wikis, email, and other network data file formats like GraphML, GEXF, and GDF).

We plan to continue our work to add data importers for other social media platforms to our collection of network data importers.

We do not think this is a positive move for users, scholars or the platform itself.

I encourage listening to this: The Ideology behind Elon Musk buying Twitter

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