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NodeXL Pro YouTube Importer update: Unlock the YouTube API with your own key

NodeXL Pro – How to request an API Code for YouTube

The updated YouTube Importer for NodeXL Pro (version 430 and later) enables users to collect more data by using their own Google Developer API Key.

The following steps take you through the quick and simple process of requesting and receiving an API key from Google to enable NodeXL Pro to access more data from YouTube.  

Step 1: Make sure that you have a Google account. 

If you have a Gmail email, you already have a Google account.
If not, visit here.

Step 2: Create a project in the Google Developers Console

Just name it anything. No need to worry about Location.

Step 3: Enable API and services. Click on the link at the top of the page.

Scroll down and click on YouTube Data API V3.

Click Enable.

Step 4: Add Credentials to your project. Click Create Credentials, and the following page will appear:

Which API are you using? → Select “YouTube Data API V3.

Where will you be calling the API from? → Web Browser (Javascript)

What data will you be accessing? → Public Data.

Click What credentials do I need. This page will appear with your API Key! 

Copy your API key code. Save it somewhere. You can repeat these steps to receive up to 10 API keys.

Paste your key back to the NodeXL YouTube importer, and start collecting data! 

The daily quota limit for one project is 10,000 units. You can create several parallel projects to increase your daily budget.

While 10k units will get you a lot of data for user comment networks, it will not be very much to analyze video recommendation networks. You can request more units from Youtube, but you need to go through a review process on this page.


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  1. Hello.
    I would like to import and analyse data from the Youtube network that corresponds with the username “Charmless Charmander”, but since the username consists of 2 words, NodeXL does not accept the username (it doesn’t accept a blank space). Is there a way to import the data anyway? Thx!

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