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Sentiment Analysis: Don´t take our word for it!

The sentiment feature in NodeXL allows users to determine what words matter to you.

Text analysis features in NodeXL are in the menu:

NodeXL>Analysis>Graph Metrics>Words and Word Pairs>Options>Sentiment:

There you will see the Word and Word Pair Metrics dialog.  When Options are selected, the configuration for “sentiment” analysis in NodeXL is displayed:

This dialog allows you to edit the lists of words that are to be skipped or categorized as List #1, #2, or #3.

NodeXL ships with a default collection of American English language “Positive”, “Negative”, and “Angry/Violent” terms.

You may modify or replace these lists. You may RENAME these lists as well. You may use any language to populate these lists.

These lists do not need to be “Positive” and “Negative” words.  Consider student versus teacher words, or investor versus consumer words, or even lists of words that are distinctive of different languages.

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