Coming October 12, 2015: NodeXL Pro – advanced support for mapping social media networks

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The Social Media Research Foundation is dedicated to making tools that help people understand social media and social networks.

We produce NodeXL Basic which is available freely and openly to all.

NodeXL Pro offers advanced features for importing social media data, calculating social network metrics, sentiment analysis, and publishing reports.

NodeXL Pro is licensed to users on an annual basis:

Registration keys will be required to run NodeXL Pro starting on October 12, 2015! 

Instructors running courses with NodeXL? Contact for details!

Compare NodeXL Basic and NodeXL Pro:

NodeXL Basic NodeXL Pro
Manually enter network edges X X
Visualize network graphs X X
Build one-click network summary reports X X
Import from Twitter Limited API X X
Import from Twitter Full API X
Import from Facebook fan pages and groups X
Import from GraphML X
Export to GraphML X
Advanced network metrics (centrality) X
Sentiment and content analysis X
Automation X

A range of sample NodeXL networks and reports can be found in the NodeXLGraphGallery!

Your registration fee will feed our talented developers and staff so that they can make more software and services.

Your support keeps our projects (like NodeXL) active and strong, please contribute!

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  1. First off, love the addition of sentiment analysis. I see it reported in the overall metrics, but is there a way to identify which tweets were identified as positive or negative?

  2. Each edge has columns that report the number of words from each of the three user configured word lists.
    The same data is reported at the vertex and group level.

  3. If I import Graphml file into NodeXL Pro will it show me hyper-graphs, nested graphs and port feature? Basically what Graphml features are included/excluded. I am considering purchase of NodeXL Pro License.

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