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StrataConf 2014 – February 11-13, Santa Clara – Network Science Made Simple: SNA for pie chart makers


I will present at the 2014 Strata Conference in Santa Clara, CA on February 11, 2013.

Network Science Made Simple: SNA for pie chart makers

Marc Smith (Connected Action Consulting Group)
Data Science
Ballroom ABNetworks are everywhere, particularly in social media. Understanding networks can quickly reveal the key people, groups, and topics that matter most. But the tools to collect, analyze, visualize, and gain insights into connected structures have remained complex. Now the free and open NodeXL application makes network analysis tasks as easy as making a pie chart. The Network Overview Discovery and Exploration add-in for Excel (2007, 2010, 2013) extends the familiar spreadsheet, enabling users to easily access networks from a range of data sources including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, email, message boards, Wikis, blogs, and other repositories of connections. With simple automation tools, NodeXL users can calculate a range of network metrics, create a visualization, and generate a report highlighting key people, groups, and top URLs, hashtags, words and word pairs used in the discussion network. Network maps have revealed many of the hidden structures of social media, defining the major differences in the shapes and structures created as people link to one another.

I will also hold Office Hours at the event:

Office Hour with Marc Smith (Team NodeXL)

Marc Smith (Connected Action Consulting Group)
3:00pm Wednesday, 02/12/2014
Office Hour
Table A
If you have questions on social network analysis, meet with Marc to talk about:
  • NodeXL and related network analysis and visualization tools
  • How to collect, store, analyze, visualize, summarize and publish social network reports with just a few clicks (and no coding)
  • How to identify key influential people and subgroups within a conversation network
  • How to apply social network analysis to social media marketing
  • How to apply organizational network analysis to enterprise collaboration

Above is a map of the connections among the people who recently tweeted the term “strataconf” over the 7-day, 19-hour, 38-minute period from Sunday, 26 January 2014 at 21:53 UTC to Monday, 03 February 2014 at 17:32 UTC.  The key people in the network at this point are:

  • @strataconf
  • @oreillymedia
  • @thedatacrunch
  • @dataiku
  • @alpinedatalabs
  • @sasanalytics
  • @zettaforce
  • @bigdata
  • @josemariasiota
  • @tibco

You can make these types of maps with just a few clicks using NodeXL.

I hope to see you in Santa Clara!

Strata Conference 2014

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