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3rd Party Data Importers for NodeXL: Web, Exchange, and Facebook Importers

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NodeXL is extendable.  3rd Party developers have been building data providers that can plug into NodeXL that connect the network visualization tool to sources of network data.  We now have three providers of extensions to NodeXL: VOSON for WWW hyperlink networks, the Exchange Spigot for NodeXL for extracting enterprise email networks, and the Facebook Spigot for NodeXL that extracts your own Facebook network for analysis and visualization!

We welcome additional data provider projects!  Have a network? Connect it to NodeXL with the simple directions listed here.

Import hyperlink networks into NodeXL with the VOSON System – a web-based software incorporating web mining, data visualisation, and traditional empirical social science methods (e.g. social network analysis, SNA).

Exchange Spigot for NodeXL enables Microsoft Excel plugin NodeXL to collect messaging data from the Microsoft Exchange Server and display that data as a graph.

Facebook Spigot for NodeXL is a new graph data provider for NodeXL which will allow each user to directly download and import from within NodeXL different Facebook networks.

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