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Please vote on our SxSW panel: Social Mapping: Bridging Online & Offline Events


Please vote on our SxSW 2012 panel:

Social Mapping :
Bridging Online & Offline Events
SxSW Twitter Network

EventInteractive 2012
OrganizerEmily Gannett ‐ IRL Productions
SpeakersMarc Smith ‐ Social Media Research Foundation
DescriptionLook up from your phone and you will notice that offline is not obsolete. Experiences in real life (IRL) remain powerful and memorable. Online tools and social platforms are now thoroughly integrated into “offline” life on smart devices in every meeting, conference, or gathering. Marketers can now tie online and offline activity together, mapping online discussions and offline connections to spur awareness, connections, and lasting conversations. Featuring insight from the Social Media Research Foundation and case studies from some of the world’s top brands, this intermediate workshop will teach techniques for integrating social media and emerging technologies with events and experiential marketing campaigns. We’ll illustrate free and open tools for collecting, analyzing and visualizing patterns of how people engage with your topic using various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. We will review how to augment face-to-face interactions, and present case studies of interactive events that fit cohesively into established online and offline marketing campaigns. Maps of the connections that form when people communicate can reveal the key people and groups who act as your brand influencers. Learn how to make maps of your own, with no programming skills required, to guide your own engagement with stakeholders, online and off.
  1. How can marketers leverage digital media to increase the value of experiential marketing? How can they create breadth and impact beyond the transaction?
  2. What are the best new platforms and tools to leverage?
  3. What was your favorite integrated campaign this year? Which brands did an excellent job of incorporating social media at events and weaving digital throughout?
  4. What social media data can be collected at events and conferences? What can you do to better understand your customers through this information?
  5. What are the best ways to compare online and offline metrics? Do we need new standards?
CategoryBranding / Marketing / Advertising
TagsEvents, Metrics, social media

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